10 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Fall

Fall presents plenty of great opportunities to bond with your dog. The cooler weather is a welcome change, and the foliage makes the great outdoors even more appealing. Take advantage of this perfect season by enjoying some of these awesome dog-friendly fall activities:

1) Go apple picking.


Photo by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

Find the nearest pet-friendly orchard where you can walk through rows upon rows of trees and pick apples along the way. Your pup will love the stroll as well as the fruits. Apples are excellent dog treats as long as you leave out the core and seeds.

2) Visit a pumpkin patch.


Photo by Bennilover.

Just like apple orchards, there are dog-friendly pumpkin patches that allow you to roam the property in search of a gourd to bring home. You dog will surely enjoy not only the experience but also all the pumpkin dog treats you can make when you get home.

3) Make a huge pile of leaves to play in.


Photo by Pikrepo.

Collect fallen leaves in a huge pile and delight in watching your pup get excited over the foliage. Even better, invite their neighborhood friends to join in on the fun. Just make sure you use freshly fallen leaves as rotting piles are considered an autumn hazard to dogs.

4) Participate in a Halloween contest.


Photo by Yama Zsuzsanna Markus.

Halloween is one of the best highlights of the fall season, especially if your dog loves getting dressed. Chances are, there’s a Halloween costume contest near you. It’s a good chance to pore over creative costume ideas and show off your dog’s incredible style.

5) Set up a fall-themed photoshoot.


Photo by Elena Rogulina.

Pick an outdoor spot with lots of foliage, then gather some pumpkins and other fall-themed props. Once you’re happy with the setup, get some photos taken with your pup. Better yet, put on matching sweaters and capture some amazing portraits.

6) Explore a new place to hike.


Photo by Pikist.

Hit a nearby trail and give your dog some freedom with a loose leash. They’ll surely enjoy plenty of fallen sticks, all the new smells, and the opportunity to trot around the wilderness while you’ll definitely love the crisp air and beautiful autumn colors.

7) Try camping.


Photo by Alan Levine.

Why limit yourself to a hike when you can spend overnight under the stars, surrounded by nature. You and your pup might cherish this new experience together. Just remember to pack up all their necessities, including their food, bowls, leash, treats, and beddings.

8) Go on a weekend getaway.


Photo by Pikist.

People shy away from beaches and resorts as the weather gets colder, which makes it an excellent time for humans and their pets to visit. Find a dog-friendly place to spend a weekend with your pup. As a bonus, the off-peak season often means better rates.

9) Find a safe place to paddle.


Photo by Pikist.

During the fall, lakes aren’t as crowded, views from the water are incredible, and bugs are at a minimum. It’s an excellent time to get on the water and paddle with your pup. Just be sure to stay away from rough waters and keep yourselves warm and dry.

10) Snuggle up indoors.


Photo by pxfuel.

If you’d rather stay indoors, there are still lots of activities you can do with your dog at home. No matter the season, all your pup really wants is to spend time with you. Even snuggling up and staying warm on your sofa will be an absolute treat.


Fall is the best time to enjoy the outdoors and spend lots of time with your dog. Your pup will surely love to go on new adventures. Make sure you keep an eye on how they’re coping with the cooler weather.  As long as you both stay safe and warm, this season could be your best yet!