10 Times Your Dog Said “I Love You” But You Missed It!

If your dog could talk, they’d probably tell you they love you a million times a day. But since they can’t, they do everything possible to let you know anyway.

The trouble is, we don't often understand what they're trying to tell us. Most of the time, we think they're just silly, but they're actually trying to show their love and affection.

Here are 10 scenarios when your dog tried to say "I love you," but you probably laughed it off or missed it.


1) They Bring You Awful Things


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel offering a large branchA Cavalier King Charles Spaniel offering a large branch. (yj.sung - CC BY 2.0)

When your dog brings you random things like rocks or sticks, don't panic! Even if they're incredibly gross like dead animals, they're really just trying to give you a present.


2) They Hog the Bed


A black Labradoodle taking up almost the entire bedA black Labradoodle taking up almost the entire bed.
(Bennilover - CC BY-ND 2.0)

As a pack, dogs tend to sleep in a pile to protect each other from predators and the cold. When they hog your bed, they acknowledge that you’re their family and that they want to snuggle with you as if in a pack.


3) They Burp Really Loudly


A fully satisfied English FoxhoundA fully satisfied English Foxhound. (Source)

Dogs burp out loud and sometimes, they do so right at your face. No, they’re not being rude. They’re letting you know that they appreciate the meal you just gave them.


4) They Copy You When You Yawn


A yawning yellow LabradorA yawning yellow Labrador. (Source)

If you've noticed your dog try to copy you when you yawn, they're not mocking you. According to a study by researchers at the University of Tokyo, that means they feel emotionally connected to you.


5) They Raise an Eyebrow at You


A happy Scottish Terrier with raised eyebrowsA happy Scottish Terrier with raised eyebrows. (Kelly Hunter - CC BY 2.0)

In another Japanese study, researchers found that dogs raise their eyebrows – particularly, the left one – when they’re happy to see you. They also believe that the higher the eyebrow goes, the happier they are.


6) They Stare into Your Eyes


A Golden Retriever staring lovingly at their humanA Golden Retriever staring lovingly at their human. (Source)

Dogs will often challenge you to a staring contest. If it’s a dog you don’t know, back down. But if your own pup is staring at you with soft eyes, that’s a sign of their affection.


7) They Lean on You With All Their Weight


A Shiba Inu snuggling with his humanA Shiba Inu snuggling with his human. (Taro the Shiba Inu - CC BY 2.0)

Dogs lean on you to show affection. Sometimes, it could be because they’re anxious and they trust you to protect them. But often, it’s just so they feel close to you.


8) They’re Around You All the Time


A pug joins his parents having coffeeA pug joins his parents having coffee. (Source)

When your dog follows you wherever you go, that means they love being around you. They also feel the need to protect you and make sure you’re safe.


9) They Give You the Silent Treatment Before You Leave Home


A Golden Retriever looking awayA Golden Retriever looking away. (Source)

If your dog ignores you before you leave home, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. It probably means they’re devastated to see you go.


10) They Go Nuts When You Come Back


A Pit Bull Terrier excited to see his human homeA Pit Bull Terrier excited to see his human home. (Source)

One of the joys of being a dog parent is coming home to someone who’s always happy to see you.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been and how long you were gone for. You know your pup will be jumping and squealing in delight to see you.

Now that you understand all the different ways your dog tries to tell you they love you, make sure you know how to say it back. Learn how to say “I love you” in ways that all dogs understand. So the next time your precious pup does any of these, you can make sure they know you appreciate it and that you love them just as much.