Best Collars for English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are unmistakable with their wrinkled face, heavy body, deep chest, and short stature. 

These brawny little powerhouses belong to one most unique breeds in the world, which means they’ll also need a unique collar. If you buy a collar blindly, without regard to the dog’s breed, size, temperament, age, and other dog features, it may become a barrier to successful dog training.

If choosing the best collar for English bulldogs is a stumbling point, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of the best collars suited for your beloved bulldog.

8 Best Collars for English Bulldogs

1. Tactical Collar

Tactical dog collar from Sparkpaws

A tactical collar may be primarily designed for K9 handlers of police and military teams, but it also makes an excellent choice for English bulldogs. 

It is often made with a wide nylon band, a handle along the metal buckle and a broad and soft padded lining. These features provide a comfortable fit without the risk of strangulation.

A tactical collar’s handle also lets you quickly control your pet in any situation.

See our latest collection of tactical collars for English bulldogs. These collars have a quick-release buckle, making them safe for emergencies and training.

2. Breakaway Dog Collar

tactical dog collar


A breakaway dog collar is designed to keep your pet safe 24/7 inside and outside your home. It is an excellent option if your English bulldog is sometimes unattended and prevents strangulation or injury.

When pressure is placed on the breakaway collar, the buckle will unsnap whenever the collar is caught on fences, crates, kennels, deck boards, or when two dogs bite at each other’s neck during play. 

3. Flat Collar

flat collar for english bulldog

A flat collar is among the most practical and robust dog collars available for everyday use. They’re also ideal for growing puppies because they can be resized whenever needed.

This type of collar is comfortable for English bulldogs. They are typically made from a lightweight material, like linen or cotton, and are designed to fit around the dog’s neck.

Some flat collars have quick-release buckles to hold loosely around the dog’s neck. Some come with a D-ring, a safety feature to attach your bulldog’s rabies tag, identification tag, or registration.

4. Leather Collar

leather collar for english bulldog


Next on our list of the best collars for English dogs is a leather collar. A strong material is vital for obedience and leash training, and your dog’s overall safety when you need to tie them outside.

This durable collar is often lightweight and ideal for active English bulldogs. A leather dog collar is less slippery and easier for the dog owner to grip. This helps in the summer and the winter.

Collars made of genuine cowhide leather and handmade are often designed to last. They’re durable and more comfortable than other materials. But if you’re buying a leather collar for a puppy, it’s best to choose an adjustable one since puppies grow up fast. 

To keep your dog’s leather collar clean and smelling great, wipe any mud or dirt off with a damp cloth. If it’s colored leather, use a small amount of clear dish soap and a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt. You may also treat the leather collar with a leather conditioner once dry, so it shines.

Bulldogs can be stubborn, especially when learning to walk on a guided leash.  Check out our walk collection collars with plenty of good features to curb stubborn dog behavior.

5. Martingale Style Collar


The martingale-style collar and its attachments are simple but functional. It is easy to fit and adjustable. It is a collar that doesn’t overtighten if your bulldog pulls on its walks.

The most common style of martingale collar uses nylon, like a standard dog collar, with a small section of light chain looped between two metal rings.

There is also a style of martingale dog collar that uses different pieces of fabric as a substitute for the chain. A plus point is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t often have a buckle or clip. They can just easily slide over to your pet’s head.

You can find this type of dog collar for bulldogs in many widths. Some dogs may tolerate a one-inch width. Still, it’s best to measure your dog’s neck and head to ensure it is the right size before buying—more on how to measure your dog’s neck for a collar later.

6. Nylon Collar

Nylon collar from Sparkpaws


If you’ve wandered into a pet store, you may have seen colorful and bright dog collars. These are usually made from polypropylene or nylon.

Nylon collars are popular for English bulldogs because they can withstand chewing and are light. We don’t recommend polypropylene material because it has low stretch, moderate strength, only a fair UV resistance and its fibers break down faster than nylon.

That’s why nylon makes a great synthetic option for dog leashes. It is strong, has a moderate stretch, and has good UV resistance. It may be more expensive than the polypropylene dog collar, but it is one you can count on for years.

7. Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized dog collar for english bulldogs


A personalized dog collar is an excellent choice for pet parents who want to ensure their English bulldog stays safe and looks good at the same time.

A personalized dog collar is often made of nylon or leather and comes with your dog’s name and phone number. These details are stitched into the collar as they serve as identifiers.

The best-personalized dog collar does not snap easily when your dog pulls while the collar is on its neck. 

8. Rope Dog Collar 

rope dog collar for an english bulldog


You may imagine this type of collar as the one you see on a farm. But no, they also make a popular choice for canines.

A rope dog collar is affordable, looks great, and is durable. This training collar is soft on your dog’s neck, so it suits English bulldogs with a short, smooth hair coat.

The thick rope on this type of collar is secure and solid. So, you can ensure that this collar can help make your dog feel comfortable and keep them safe. Moreover, rope collars are suitable for the earth because they are biodegradable materials.

9. Special Use Collars

GPS collar for an english bulldog


  • Bark control collar

Although English bulldogs don’t bark much, they are far from silent. This bark control collar may be a good option for your pet if you want to control unwanted or excessive barking.

An excellent example of this is an ultrasonic collar. When your pet barks, the collar emits a sound only your dog can hear, interrupting the barking.

  • Elizabethan collar

Also called the e-collar, an Elizabethan collar is a cone-shaped plastic collar used to prevent your dog from scratching or licking wounds or after a veterinary procedure while they heal. 

If your bulldog doesn’t tolerate this type of collar, you may choose a round collar that doesn’t impact your dog’s ability to see clearly or move around.

  • GPS collar

This type of collar uses GPS to locate your dog if they get lost. The downside, though, is that it often relies on battery and availability of satellites. This means they may not be as effective in remote locations.

Considering buying your English bulldog a harness instead of a collar? Choose an anti-pull Y harness. It is strategically designed to remove any chance of injury on your dog and can withstand the pressure from pulling.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Collar for English Bulldog

An English bulldog on a skateboard

There are things to consider when buying the best collar for your bulldog. Here are the most important ones:

Size or Fit

Before you buy a collar in a pet store, whether online or brick-and-mortar, you should know the size of your dog's neck. 

Use a measuring tape or a shoestring to measure your dog’s neck size. Circle the neck with the measuring tape from behind the ears and the collar bone. Add 2 inches or 5 centimeters to the measurement, and that’s your dog’s neck size.

The collar should have enough room for two finger breadths between your dog’s neck and the collar. It should not be too tight, or it may choke or strangle your dog. At the same time, it should not be too loose that it would easily slide over your pet’s head.

Warning: Avoid corrective collars, such as prong/pinch and choke chain collars, that can cause neck pain, injury, or even strangulation. The pinch collar looks like a martingale, but the control loop attached to the leash is made of a chain.

If you prefer chain collars for an extra wow factor, opt for a hand-welded Cuban link chain collar with a safety clasp like this.


The collar is something your English bulldog will wear every day. That’s why comfort will be essential. Make sure that it won’t dig into their skin. 

The padding should also help keep your four-legged pal comfortable, especially on walks. Opt for collars with a padded inner layer and a hard outer layer, so they’ll be ideal for comfort and durability.


An English bulldog has many beautiful features, such as a dignified attitude, friendliness, and loyalty. To make them look their best, it’s essential to consider the style of their collar. You can go for collars with charming patterns, a gold chain Cuban link, or a leather collar.

People Also Ask: FAQs About Buying A Collar For Your English Bulldog

sparkpaws harness for an english bulldog

Can English bulldogs wear dog collars?

Yes, English bulldogs can wear collars. They are used for protection, restraint, fashion, or identification. Collars are often used with a matching leash for restraining a canine.

Can you walk a bulldog with a collar?

Of course, you can walk a bulldog with a collar. After all, it’s necessary to walk your pet to promote good health. However, English bulldogs lack a neck. So, wearing a collar for an extended period may cause them to be stubborn or try to slip out.

A harness may be the better choice for your fur baby. Moreover, avoid using pinch collars as they can result in side effects, like redirected aggression, disempowerment, deterioration of social relationships, and depression.

English bulldogs chill quickly in cold temperatures. A dog sweater or jacket will ensure they stay safe and warm during winter, especially on outdoor walks.

What size collar does an English bulldog need?

An English bulldog's adult neck size is about 18-24 inches or 45-62 cm. Use that as a guide, and leave enough space for your dog's collar to slide two fingers in between. If you’re in doubt, ask your dog trainer or a sales personnel with proper collar fitting.

Are leather collars the best choice for dogs with sensitive skin?

Yes, leather collars make a great choice. The oils in your dog's skin or coat help soften the leather material and keep it supple. Leather is particularly a good collar material for dogs with skin sensitivities.

As you know, English bulldogs can experience skin allergies on their face, legs, paws, ears, sides, hind end, and stomach. 

What size collar should I get my English bulldog puppy?

It should be at least 9 inches long. However, puppies grow fast, so they may also grow out of their puppy collars. Try buying a flat collar for your puppy, as it has adjustable lengths and a snap buckle.

Your puppy’s first collar should be soft and lightweight, and observe if it’s still in proper fit after six months of use.


We hope this guide has helped you. As you can see above, there are different types, styles, and colors of collars for English bulldogs. 

Make sure to look for a collar with the durability and strength necessary for your dog. A good collar is comfortable, adequately sized, safe, and can keep up your furry friend’s lifestyle.