Q: What is a no-pull dog harness, and how does it work?
A: Our no-pull dog harness is designed to discourage your dog from pulling on the leash during walks. The front D ring works by redirecting your dog's pulling force to the sides or front of the harness, rather than allowing them to pull forward. You can also use the Back D ring for everyday walking or the Rear D ring for restraing free running. 

Q: Is this harness suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies?
A: Yes, our harnesses feature a Neoprene padded lining that provides exceptional comfort, quick-drying properties, and odor resistance.

Q: Is the harness adjustable?
A: Yes. There are adjustment points around the neck, torso, and waist areas to ensure a secure fit for your dog. This is especially helpful for puppies or growing dogs who may need to adjust the collar as they mature

Q: Does this harness come with a warranty or guarantee
A: Yes, our harness comes with a 6-month guarantee against manufacturing defects. This does not include normal wear and tear or unintentional damage from your dog. If you have any concerns or issue with your collar, please contact our customer service team at service@sparkpaws.com