Do French Bulldogs Sleep a Lot?

Just how much sleep does your Frenchie need?

Sure, Frenchies tend to sleep quite a bit, and if you are a new Frenchie owner you might be worried your pooch is sleeping a lot. In fact, some Frenchie may sleep for as much as 20 hours per day. 

The fact is, Frenchies are suited for indoor life where they can snuggle in comfortable beds than other dogs. Also, considering they don’t exercise a lot because they are prone to overheating, all these can explain why they have a reputation for lounging quite a bit.

Essentially, the amount of sleep your pooch need depends on the following factors:


frenchie laying down

Frenchie puppies just human babies tend to sleep a lot than their adult counterparts. They sleep more in the first months of life. This is necessary for proper growth and building of the immune system.

As they age, they require less sleep. Adult Frenchies roughly spend 10-13 hours sleeping per day. The rest of the time they spend playing, running around, ‘chilling’ on the sofa and more.

Once they get into seniorhood, Frenchies again require more sleep. This is because they tire more quickly. This time, they tend to sleep like puppies (15-18 hours).

Activity level

As previously stated, Frenchies are suited for indoor life. Rarely will you find them engaged in outdoor activities like other canines. Most of the time they will just hang around keeping you company, and when bored, they will probably restore to napping. Even, if you spend most of the time indoors, you will probably find yourself napping most of the time during the day.

Life changes

french bulldog ready to sleep

Some life changes may trigger your Frenchie to spend more hours sleeping. These life changes include:

  • Death of companion
  • New home
  • Change in owner’s schedule 
  • The arrival of a new baby
  • A family member moving away. For example, joining college

Note that any of these changes can cause your Frenchie to develop separation anxiety.

The current state of your Frenchie's health

Sometimes, if you Frenchie is napping quite a bit could be a sign he is not feeling well. Keep in mind Frenchie are notorious for their health problems. Here are some possible reasons why your Frenchie is showing abnormal sleeping habits:

  • Canine depression
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Any metabolic disease
  • Cancer
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea because of obesity

How do identify abnormal sleeping habits

frenchie sleeping

As a serious pet owner monitoring your Frenchie sleeping habits should be a top priority as abnormal sleeping habits could be a sign that your pooch has fallen sick. Here are a few symptoms we recommend you to look for:

  • Continuous rapid breathing while sleeping.
  • Staying awake for 10 hours or more.
  • Unexpected convulsions with frequent eye-rolling indicating possible seizures.
  • Unusual sleep cycles
  • Trouble waking them up even after sleeping for a good amount of time.

Do Frenchies sleep through the night?

While some adult Frenchies comfortably sleep at night, in most cases young Frenchies have trouble sleeping at night, but this improves as they age. Besides that, if you move to a new house, your pooch may have challenges sleeping as he tries to adapt to the new environment. You can help your Frenchie adapt to the new environment by allowing him to sleep with you for a few days.

Your Frenchie may also struggle to sleep at night if he has been resting the entire day. If that is the case, he may struggle to close his eyes when it is time to sleep. Taking time to play with your pooch around the house for a few hours before sleep can help him sleep throughout the night well. 

Make your Frenchie comfortable 

Frenchies rely on their owners to live a comfortable life. So, you should try as much as possible to provide him with a good environment. To help your dog nap more comfortably, we recommend you find a soft Frenchie bed filled with memory foam. This is because memory foam shapes according to your pup’s body.

It is also vital to teach your Frenchie how to crate as this can prevent him from suffering from separation anxiety in the near future.

Keep your Frenchie fit

It is obvious your pooch will gain weight for spending most of the time indoors and lounging quite a bit. You can prevent your Frenchie from obesity by keeping him entertained. For example, get your Frenchie some cool toys to play withAlternatively, take your Frenchie for a 20-minute walk and remember not to do this in warm weather as Frenchies are prone to overheating. 

Wrapping up

While French Bulldogs tend to nap quite a bit than other dogs, it is good to be mindful of abnormal sleeping habits as they may be a cause of concern. Immediately your notice any irregular sleep pattern makes sure to keep a close eye and to consult your vet in case that change persists.